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Morejoy Saineti

Registered General Nurse, RMN, DBA, MSc Health Research, Certificate in Systemic Counseling, Family Planning Certificate, QNI .

Morejoy is dementia consultant specialist nurse holding 34 years of experience as an RGN and RMN, both in the UK and abroad. She has extensive experience in managing tuberculosis, HIV counseling, community psychiatric nursing, crisis intervention and dementia care.

She is a founder and overseer of Regeneration Centre a charity registered both in UK and Zimbabwe. She has traveled extensively in Philippines, Thailand, Australia, USA, South Africa, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe with Christian Missions and Dementia care agenda. At the moment she is developing Zimbabwe Dementia Care Service with the aim of spreading awareness of the condition and training professionals, to bring a change of attitudes and care.

Morejoy pioneered a community dementia palliative care service in Westminster, and developed training materials for both health professionals and the public. The service saved the NHS approximately £250,000 a year (in its first years of inception) and was able to be rolled out to other parts of England.

As a visiting lecturer at Greenwich University, Morejoy teaches undergraduate and postgraduate students about dementia and. Organic Brain Disorders and end of life care. She is also an international conference speaker having presented HIV Dementia sessions at ICASA Zimbabwe 2015.

Her work has been award-winning, gaining her the International Dementia Nurse of the Year award in 2010. She was also the runner-up Public Servant of the Year (2010).

She caught the attention of BBC, Channel 4 and London News, and her work was featured on all these channels in November 2010 when they visited her successful Dementia Voice Nurse project in Westminster.

She later featured on BEN TV in 2014 whilst making dementia awareness in ethnic minorities. Currently, Morejoy oversees Regeneration Centre International, a charitable organization and is developing links with VOAC (voice of African child) to support orphans of HIV in deprived countries.

Morejoy is passionate about being a voice for the voiceless and in delivering quality care for patients, families and the community as a whole.